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#1: AMA is anti MMA Author: Mat Rat PostPosted: 01 Sep 2011 06:29
hey everyone, its in the news again. the AMA wreckons cage fighting is barbaric and should be banned. They're trying to bring pressure on the Govt to ban it.
Dr Mountain wrote:
"It is a disgrace for any civilised society to be allowing these events to take place, and now we've got a minister who is using intimidating tactics," he said.
Funny how Boxing is the darling sport while MMA is considered the big bag sport. And it's probably safer than boxing on quite a few levels. As someone said on talkback radio you've just to look at the last Danny Green fight where he took quite a beating. In MMA the fight would have been stoped well before.

So what do you guys think. Has anyone competed in a pro comp/fight night and nto had an AMA doctor present. How improtant is the AMA's support and presence.

#2:  Author: she-jj PostPosted: 24 Sep 2011 10:32
people compete in these events by choice unlike unsuspecting citizens out for a good night that get beat up, dropped with one punch etc on a Friday or Saturday night. The AMA has got it all wrong. I thinks so long as there is a qualified first aider or paramedic at the event and obviously the facilities to call an ambulance if the injury needs hosptial treatment it's all good.

#3:  Author: Couch PotatoLocation: Couch PostPosted: 03 Oct 2011 20:07
I truly believe the AMA would serve the community better by getting behind a campaing to reduce alcohol consumption like they did for the Anti smoking campaign. As mentioned above and on the news pretty much every Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon, we have people beign injured and worse by the effects of people under the influence of alcohol. Leave MMA alone AMA

#4:  Author: Autarch PostPosted: 29 Oct 2011 23:19
Boxing is not a darling sport of AMA. If anything is hazardous to health, you can bet AMA is against it. If they had their way most sports would simply not be played. Alcohol would simply not be drank either. I'm not really too concerned; the AMA does good things when it's not bitching about MMA.

#5:  Author: Mat Rat PostPosted: 31 Oct 2011 17:24
Aurtach, i reckon in comparison to MMA Boxing is the darling sport. I know it went through it's teething problems but the AMA to my knowledge support boxing by providing AMA sanctioned doctors at boxing events but they are boycotting MMA. I still reckong boxing is more hazardous than MMA. And you're prboably right at the end of the day. if they had their way we wouldn't play sport of any kind or do any activities that involved danger, hang on then they'd be out of a job Smile

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