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  Dcat Software: Site which has Freeware/Shareware Amiga and Windows programs.
Has a very good free screen saver and a Shareware Shopping List program.

  NHB Live: Hosted by Kristen & Grundy on Saturdays at 11.00am. NHB Live covers Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Martial Arts generally, local events such as grappling competitions and fight nights, as well as international events such as Pride, UFC and TUF. NHB Live also interviews with visiting MA celebrities and UFC fighters and Australian UFC fighter Elvis Sinosic has been interviewed by the station. NHB Live broadcasts on 89.7 fm or via the internet at www.twincites.com.au

  The Academy: Based in Mirrabooka, Western Australia, The Academy of Mixed Martial Arts offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Shooto (MMA), Boxing and Muay Thai Bret Grasso instructs in Muay Thai & Kickboxing, and Adam Metcalf takes care of the BJJ and MMA. The club also offers childrens classes in standup and grappling, taken by Stan Nelson.

  The Submission Factory: Troy Flugge & Stacy Willson run the Sub Factory in Wangara, Western Australia. The Sub Factory offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Knife Fighting & MMA. Slade Norris also runs Kenpo Karate classes from the club. The Sub Factory has a high focus on fitness and flexibility.

  Evolution Martial Arts: Operates out of two locations in Perth's northern suburbs.Joondalup with Micheal Holmes as instructor and Butler with Peter Iveyas instructor. They provide MMA, BJJ, fitness Kickboxing and Childrens classes.

  Talking Martial Arts Show: Hosted by Matt Simpson. Talking about Boxing and Martial Arts

  Kyushin Ryu Jujitsu: Kyushin Ryu JuJitsu is headed by Shihan Jim Stackpole and has 3 Dojos in the Brisbane area.They have a proud association with the Police & Citizens Youth Clubs. This is an informative site with a glossary of JuJitsu moves, some of which will be familiar to those doing BJJ.

  Sumbmission Fighting UK: (S.F.U.K) This is Europe's premier submission site. The site is very comprehensive, it covers news, interviews, links, events and much more. Has a page on Sports Injuries.

  Renwaku Bujutsu Association: Renwaku Bujutsu Association is based in New Zealand and headed by Sifu Dave Jones.Sifu Jones has created a close quarters Martial Art / Self Defence System utilizing blocks, kicks and punches from various Martial Arts inlcuding Classical Karate, Aikido & Wing Chun Gung Fu as well as new moves from the Personal Self Defence principles of Sifu Jones.

  Phoenix Martial Arts: A site created by Margaret Nunn for the general public to learn about martial arts and therefore generate an interest in some or all of the many styles of martial arts.

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